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Healthcare industry unique offer: dialogmed

> Event live, interactive webinar, online trainings, symposium, web TV, live TV, show set, event web site ...
> All our digital communication expertises gathered in a unique smart all in one offer dedicated to healthcare professionnals, pharma industry, laboratoires, DPC, doctors associations, ...

Now create your own webTV with dialogTV !

> Media, brands, public organisations can now have your own webTV to inform, engage, and monetize your audience
> dialogTV, the easiest and powerful new on line solution (SaaS) to broadcast your TV chanel on the web with inSCREENtv technology, the smart full customisable player for less than 4 000€HT/an !

Our purpose, our mission

* Dialog Agency helps professional organizations to better communicate and sell to their audiences and to bring people together in a positive, responsible and engaged way * We see life in the pink! We believe in Love that transcends all * We love life, nature, sports, parties, humor, art and so many other beautiful things * CSR topics are key to the future of the planet * We are vigilant to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as that of our customers and their audiences by planting trees through our partner REFORESTACTION. * Dialog Agency plants at least 1 tree every day, all year round. * We encourage our clients to plant it with us and offer it to their audience. * We want to contribute to bring art into the world of work through the web by introducing artists we love. * You will find art pictures on our website, as well as a gallery page to help you discover more about the artist, with the hope that you will like it, maybe you will buy a work (or more!), and at least that you will want to share this discovery through social networks thanks to our social wall to help boost the artist's communication. * The first artist who gives us the honor to inaugurate this approach is the talented photographer Eric Lafforgue. * All the pictures on the site are from Eric * You'll see more in the Gallery page. * Enjoy!!

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Web & Social Media expert since 2006


The team

we are much more than a digital agency

Laurent, CEO of Dialog Agency: "I created the agency with the desire to offer our clients global expertise in digital communication and commerce. To do this, I have gathered the best experts in their field and we surround ourselves with experts to meet specific needs. With my 25 years in the digital, hard, soft, internet, mobile, social networks, at Canon, Index/123 MultiMedia, Novedia / Viseo, ETO Publicis, Grafeez, Dialog Solutions, and Smyler, I have built a turnkey service offer to meet 100% of your needs, without multiplying the providers and agencies that pass the buck when there is a problem ... > 1 interlocutor, 1 person in charge".

Our philosophie

Since 2006, our core business is marketing and 360° communication, especially digital. We surround ourselves with the best experts, whether they are employees, partners or freelancers. We are constantly training to be able to make the link between our customers' issues and the use of existing and future digital solutions, enabling us to accelerate business and achieve operational objectives under the best possible economic conditions, with the greatest respect for social and environmental issues.

@360° agency

We manage your projects from A to Z, in agile mode, relying on our specialists in digital strategy, web design, eCommerce, Ui, Ux, WordPress, natural referencing, paid referencing, social networks, web analytics, ... including your needs in digital printing on all media. 1 only agency, 1 only person in charge.

Services> dialog agency
The solutions> dialog suite

Consulting and deployment of a DIGITAL communication strategy

dialog agency

Digital services @360°

> Digital services @ 360 °: web, social media, events

• Digital strategy & content audit
• Definition of digital strategy & content
• Operational deployment of digital strategy, content production & distribution
• Website creation, corporate, ecommerce, event, ...
• Digitalization of live event
• WEB TV solution, fixed and mobile TV set
• Creation of collaborative platform
• Social Media Strategy, production, moderation, content curation
• Social Wall, Community Management, ...
• dialogMED, offers dedicated to the health sector

dialog suite

saas solutions to boost your audiences

dialog TV
happy engaged audience

SaaS solution to create a video / web TV channel to inform, inspire, engage and boost your internal and external audiences on all your TV screens and on the web
> Aggregate
> Store
> Program
> Distribute
> Monetize
> Fixed & mobile live stage

dialog feed
the power of content

SaaS solutions strategy for web & TV (re) publication of all your content from social networks, your communities, RSS feeds, customer reviews, etc.
> Social Media Hub / Wall / Slider
> Inform, inspire, engage, build loyalty
> Audience booster
> SEO improvement
> All in 1 json / xml API

dialog smyler
live your event !

All-in-1 SaaS solution for Creation, Animation and Optimization of Events Live, Meeting, Convention, AG, Training ... with more than 15 integrated apps to boost participation!
> Presence and / or distance live event
> Registration & program management
> Live video streaming included
> Document sharing
> Brainstorming with post it
> Poll, vote, quiz, buzzer, ...
> Keywords cloud, live social wall
> Internal & external events!

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